IFF 2015

INDIA FASHION FORUM 2015 — The new fashion Intellect

Within modern retail in India today, fashion retail is…

  • 3.5 times the size of mobile & telecom retail
  • 3.7 times the size of food & grocery retail
  • 4.5 times the size of consumer electronics retail
  • 5.1 times the size of food service retail*

Pure fashion tenants, department and home fashion stores account for 64 per cent of tenant count, and 50 percent of retail area, in Indian malls.

Value of modern fashion* retail in India: Rs 1.87 lakh crore

Contribution of apparel in above: 75 per cent
(*includes apparel, footwear, eyewear, timewear, jewellery and fashion accessories. Figures as per India Retail Report 2015 and Malls of India 2014)

INDIA FASHION FORUM (IFF) was born alongside the genesis of organised modern retail -- specifically fashion retail -- in India, out of a pure passion to boost fashion creation and consumption in India. The modus operandi was to catalyse the business to think FASHION FORWARD, plan Long TERM, and act with CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE.

Every year since then, the IFF has been the focal point for fashion captains to converge – LEARN, SHARE and EVOLVE – with the single minded agenda to fast forward growth for the entire value chain -- from yarn to retail.

Experts have deemed the IFF as “easily the most focused and smartest fashion business conclaves in Asia,” or to put it simply, it is widely acknowledged that IFF provides the finest platform for fashion creators and the retail community to focus on the fast-evolving aspirations of consumers and continuously challenge and reinvent themselves.


"As an international fashion retailer… for the past three decades, I can honestly say that the future for India and the balance of Asia, is a remarkable phenomenon that will not ever be repeated in history. The growth of retail in these markets will compare only to the growth in the USA in the second half of the 20th century, again, a phenomenon that will never be repeated in that country.

This is of course due to the growth of the middle and upper market population and wealth, and with that growth comes the desire for personal adornment and recognition, and this is the role that the fashion business satisfies like few other industries, as it is a more obvious statement of success and achievement, than housing or automobiles due to its visibility. The rise of the great Asian and South-East Asian fashion aware consumer is upon us... It is a very unique and exciting time for the fashion industry... The adventurous investors into these markets will be rewarded in the long term."

-- Bonnie Brooks, Vice Chairman, Hudson’s Bay Company, Marquee Speaker at IFF’15

Bonnie Brooks is Vice Chairman of Hudson’s Bay Company. Hudson’s Bay Company is the world’s oldest continuously operating company, which owns and operates Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord and Taylor in the USA, and Hudson’s Bay department stores in Canada.


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